Greg Park, aka Hancore, has a new way of reinventing your black shoes to create a completely other color and thus, a completely new shoe. This is huge for those of you out there, tired, bored or just downright over your black dress shoes. Now, there is a solution. And that is not often something that you can find in a patina artist, the ability to turn your black shoes into blue, brown, and the like. But it is possible, as you can see in all of these pictures of shoes that were once all black shoes and now either different colors altogether or with colored accents.

Here you have a Berluti model that was all black that he turned into this Havana Brown patina with black burnishing. I can only imagine that maybe you upgrade your current, old pair of black shoes and then realize you do not need two pairs of the same shoe and this black patina option gives you a new life for your old shoes! Find these shoes HERE.

A pair of derbies that I had in black, that I was not crazy about got a new life in this lovely cloud-like blue patina. Now they are something that I can sink my teeth into! Find these shoes HERE.

And lastly, a touch of accents in burgundy on these black monkstraps, which added some unique features to another basic shoe IMHO. I love the Burgundy toe on the black dress shoe. It is a great touch of playfulness that truly enhances the look. Now it just needs a nice mirror shine. Find these shoes HERE.

Greg Park can be found at my shop in NYC, but the business is his own inside our business which means he accepts all shoes and leather goods. More can be learned at the link below, including this contact for sending him some shoes to get revitalized!

Greg Park Patina – Contact


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