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Is it just me or are chelsea boots becoming a model that every brand has 10 versions of? I really feel that with the rise of the casual, smart wear we have seen an influx of chelsea boot options. It used to be that a brand had like 3 or 4 options maximum. And they chose the sole that they wanted to stick with and stayed with that. For example, all of their chelsea options were on a single leather sole. Or to the contrary, all were on a Dainite sole. But nowadays most brands have their leather-soled chelseas, the rubber-soled chelseas and now we find the rise of the commando-soled chelseas, as we see here by Crockett and Jones.

Chelsea boots Chelsea Boots


As with most things casual, I see them and at first, I am always hesitant. As time goes on and I get to see them style more, I start to like them more and more. I like the chelsea as a sleek smart boot, but as of late have gotten used to them as a super casual boot too. Being a jean guy, it makes sense. It also makes sense when you are walking through a concrete jungle that sees rough Winters. And the reality is that there is no comfort like a chelsea boot comfort. They are just so easy to wear and put on and off. They are hard to beat.

I was visiting the Crockett & Jones shop in Soho today to say hello and see what was new and these grained chelseas caught my eye. And I thought they would for all of you too. I slipped one on to see how they felt and it was nice. They were comfortable. The fit was good in my typical size although the last is not super elongated so expect your toes to be right up there. If you want allowance for a thicker sock, I do suggest sizing up.

I would be curious to see if Crockett and Jones add more of this version next year, the one with the commando sole. But for now, you can shop their 14 options they do have! Imagine that! On their way to 20. 😉

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Chelsea Boots Chelsea Boots


2 thoughts on “Grained Chelseas by Crockett & Jones”

  1. These, imo are a great example of structural and stylistic balance. Classy without being clunky or defying the classic Chelsea boot esthetic.

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