Crockett & Jones – ‘Black Editions’ Collection for Winter

Crockett & Jones - 'Black Editions' Collection for Winter

Crockett and Jones have recently launched the beginnings of their A/W collection, titled ‘Black Editions.’ As you can see these are definitely geared towards a heavy Winter not only having a storm welt but also commando soles. The Summer has been relatively mild this year so maybe we are due for a heavy downpour this A/W season. And certainly if that is the case, a pair of shoes/boots like these will allow you to keep smart but at the same time, dry and hopefully somewhat warm. The monkstrapsremind me of something out of a Thom Browne collection, but for a much better price look IMHO. I would be curious to see how they would look underneath a pair of slim cut jeans mainly because that I how I dress. The chelseas are a no-brainer and will sit well underneath most Winter attire. But as far as the derbysgo, I can’t say that I am a fan. Never really have been of this classic model. But to each his own!


Crockett & Jones - 'Black Editions' Collection for Winter Crockett & Jones - 'Black Editions' Collection for Winter

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