10.Camberley Dark Brown Suede - Crockett & Jones AW15

Summer has only been a month going but for me it feels like it is almost over and I can’t say why but it does. And possibly because you are already seeing A/W stock in the stores. Soon enough S/S will launch in Nov. and A/W will come in April. What is the world coming to? It has become like a race to ‘who launches first’ and thus makes all of the sales. Not to say that this is happening in our prestigious industry of well made footwear, but it seems to be a growing trend across all other sectors of clothing.

3.Skye Black Calf - Crockett & Jones AW15 3.Skye Chestnut Calf - Crockett & Jones AW15

4.Pembroke Dark Brown Scotch Grain - Crockett & Jones AW15 4.Pembroke Dark Green Scotch Grain - Crockett & Jones AW15

With that, I have recently received the press release of C&J’s new upcoming A/W stock. There are some interesting pieces there and it would appear that C&J is preparing for a heavy winter here in England as some of these boots/brogues look like they could be worn through the thick of the thick. To be honest, I would not mind some snow this year. Then I would have more excuses to wear my own hiking boots!

1.Galway (Front Cover) - Crockett & Jones AW15 6.Galway Dark Brown Country Calf - Crockett & Jones AW15

I am quite keen on the Galway model above. It reminds me of a smart version of a mix between my old Sebago boots and the chunky Red Wing boot (you know the famous model of theirs). But as both of those are not really my style anymore (in the case of Red Wing, never was), these seem right up my snobbish alley! †Funny how most English makers use the same names for their shoes though, and mainly things/places that are in England. Who is going to come out with a line full of London or Manchester street names? In my opinion that would be quite cool. Hopefully you guys enjoy the new collection!

8.Malton Dark Brown Calf - Crockett & Jones AW15 9.Lingfield Black Calf - Crockett & Jones AW15 9.Lingfield Dark Brown Calf - Crockett & Jones AW15 7.Ealing Dark Brown Calf Suede - Crockett & Jones AW15


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    1. The Galways are great looking boots, but you just cannot go wrong with the chestnut Skyes. And now they can be bought with a Dainite sole! I bought them a couple of years back and had to have the sole converted to Dainite before they sent them out to me.

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