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Parisian shoemaker, Aubercy, makes a very awesome shade of green leather. One that they in fact, use a ton and that I love to see. It’s a very deep, dark Emerald like green that is more vivid than most green shades out there. You don’t often find so many box calf skins in green (pre-dyed in the tannery) so what you tend to find is it being dyed after the fact on a crust leather. Crust leathers, although beautiful, don’t get as receive the dye as deep and profound as a box skin does as the tannery dye in the drums goes much deeper and stronger into the leather.

I can’t be fore sure, but what I love about their green calfskin is that it looks like a box calf and that is why it is so deep and vivid. And that is what I love about it. It is the perfect shade of dark green. It is bold yet subtle at the same time as there is no mistaking that it is green when you see it on a pair of shoes but is not so ostentatious at the same time. And it would appear that Aubercy’s customers feel the same as their IG page is filled with green shoes. This leads me to believe that people are ordering these as I have been to the shop and there are not as many green shoes as samples as there are in these pictures.

So next time you are looking for green shoes and find yourself in Paris look no further than Aubercy, on the beautiful Rue Vivienne. I promise you won’t be disappointed!


3 thoughts on “Going Green with Aubercy”

  1. Steve WIERHAKE

    I’m surprised that I like them – at least the first and last pairs. What I’m not good at is figuring out what color slacks or suiting would look best with that shade of green. My wife would probably help me figure that out – but it doesn’t matter – I won’t be buying Aubercy shoes – not in my budget.

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