G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
look at the curvature of the shaft…true elegance!

Some of you may remember that about 5 months ago I went in for my first fitting for my upcoming bespoke boots commissioned through Gaziano & Girling. (for those of you that missed this, see post HERE). A few weeks ago, I was contacted by my good friend Daniel Wegan (master shoemaker for G&G) to have my first trial fit for my new boots. As you can imagine I was quite excited. Now some of you may be used to seeing a trial-fit made up on the upper of the actual commissioned design with some sort of faux-foam/cork sole that is glued on, just to give you the idea of the fit of the shoe, but G&G has changed things a bit here. As you can see, they are now creating this new version of their trial fit in which you get a semi-shoe that you are able to keep. Using the neck leather of the cow and a foam-like sole that is stitched/stapled on, you get a mock version of your shoe to keep and thus wear in order to see how the shoe feels/fits in action.

G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit

G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
pictures don’t always do the ‘ol gut justice… clealy I have been letting loose on the work-out habits!! 2014 resolution – hit the gym and cut the booze!
G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
Dan feeling the space between my foot and the upper leather to make sure there is not too much loose air aka room
G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
Are they too long?? Nah!
G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
Making sure my toes are in the right spot
G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
They passed the mirror test…..check the stupid face in the mirror…love it!
G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
Well Dan, I think that you did a good job!

I think that this new way of creating the trial fit is a great idea. Firstly it is intelligent for proper fitting purposes being that you get to use the shoe in action and see how it changes over time and thus be able to give your feedback based on that which thus allows you to get a better fit in the long run. Secondly, I don’t know about all of you, but I find it quite nice that instead of teasing me (and you as well) with a trial fit that they take back with them, I actually get to leave with something. It’s not what I ordered but it is still something that I physically have and get to wear. It becomes memorabilia if nothing more. But the idea is nice nonetheless and I am sure that many people like me, will appreciate the fact that after a few months of waiting they now get to have something before a few more months of waiting!

G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
the last shape, based off of the bespoke version of their St. James II model shown below

G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit

G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
Relax a bit Dan, I know this is hard work seeing me shuffle back and forth 🙂

G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit

G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
Dan in deep thought…. thinking about late night shoemaking

G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit

Needless to say, the boots felt and fit amazingly. The only thing not quite right was the lacing and how far apart that it was. I actually quite like a bit of space to be honest, but not a whole inch. But that being the only issue, it’s safe to say that Dan hit the nail on the head with these. And what I love about Dan (specifically) making the boots is the fact that like me, Dan has messed up feet and knows exactly what I need in order to feel good. You see, I have rough ones: semi-flat with arch support issues, low volume above the toes but with a protruding bone on my instep (from all of that football/soccer growing up) that makes it high & sensitive, a very narrow heel and thin but long feet. I literally have everything wrong but funny enough Dan and I share similar feet so the fact that he has what I do, means that he knows how to cure it! And even better, it’s almost like he creates an orthopaedic shoe but that does not look like one, giving me a built up arch that supports me better than any trainer in the world.

Now that I have the trial fit out of the way, I just need to wait a few more months to get the end product and I really can’t wait!! It’s going to be a very bold, but lovely boot and am quite excited to see how the pattern turns out. I know that it will be good, but of course the anticipation of seeing it makes me very curious!

Happy New Year to all and thanks as always for all of your support in 2013. Next year should have many more exciting things to come for not only The Shoe Snob, but my young footwear brand, J.FitzPatrick.


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

G&G Bespoke Round 2 - The Trial Fit
and here is the cloth that I will be using to make up half of the boot!


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4 thoughts on “G&G Bespoke Round 2 – The Trial Fit”

  1. Looks like Jools Holland is wearing a pair of you Stefano shoes on the Hootenanny.
    Can’t be bad for business.
    Happy New Year.

    1. yea, they looked similar but unfortunately were not….they must have been bepsoke. They looked like a saddle loafer and if they were, then man, were they cool! Thanks for pointing it out. Happy New Year to you too!

  2. See if they can line up the bottom of the facings so there’s not a 1/4 inch difference between them for the final pair.

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