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Stamp Jodhpur Boots with Patina
For those of you whom might not remember, Stamp is a bespoke shoe brand out of England (Northampton) created by Nicholas Cooper. What he does is provide bespoke made, cemented shoes. So, he essentially makes you the last and the upper just like every other maker would, but instead of welting/sewing everything by hand, he uses a cement construction. This ensures a lower cost to the customer (about half of what handwelted would be) but then also has a refurbishment service to go along with it, so that once your sole needs replacement the shoes are still valid so long as the upper is in tact. While most real shoe snobs would turn their nose up at the idea of cement construction, I have always like what I have seen from his work (search his name in my search bar to see more posts). This jodhpur boot that was commission by a TSS reader is quite nice really. And the patina is beautifully done by none other than Alexander at Dandy Shoe Care. It has a lot of depth to it and most of you know that I just love burgundy. The beautiful job done has now inspired Nicholas to take a few stabs at doing the patina’s himself for the future!

Anyway, for those of you that ever fancied a pair of bespoke fitting shoes, but couldn’t fathom spending upwards of 3000, Stamp shoes just might be your answer….

On another, note here is a cool/funny video about shoes/feet etc that I just happened to have been featured in. It’s called “The Feet Project“. Check it out!

Oh, and one last thing, Septieme Larguer has informed me that for those of you that were interested in their reverse stitch loafer (or normal hand stitch apron loafer), you can now find them live on the site and ready to purchase. See them HERE and HERE.

Stamp Jodhpur Boots with Patina Stamp Jodhpur Boots with Patina Stamp Jodhpur Boots with Patina Stamp Jodhpur Boots with Patina

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