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Patina is growing and growing quick and everywhere. And that is great! Regular people with day jobs are teaching themselves and therefore reviving their old shoes to look better. And more and more experts are popping out of the woodworks. One that has been on the scene for a while now but quickly making a grand name for himself is PJ Upadhyaya, who works Jaunty Flaneur of London.

Here PJ teamed up with Ascot shoes to give an incredible patina on a pair of Alligator Monkstraps commissioned for a Saudi Arabian Prince. The work is beautiful. The colors are striking and unique and I think that it certainly plays well with the texture of the leather. And I love that patina artists are showing their inspiration on Instagram now too. It’s nice to see where greatness was born.

Enjoy this work of art and for those of you in London, definitely look PJ up!

1 thought on “Fit for a Prince! – Vass Alligator Monks with Patina”

  1. The azure tipping/patina makes the shoe look as though lifted from a Stacy Adams advert in a late 1980’s copy of USA GQ. If the aim was to make the shoe look less expensive, then yep, objective achieved. [Expletive redacted] horrendous!!

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