Ascot Shoes to Bring Shoe Artist to Savile Row

Ascot Shoes to Bring Shoe Artist to Savile Row

Ascot Shoes has a new project and offering coming to their Savile Row presence at 13 Savile Row (shared with Stowers Bespoke and Lee Marsh Tailoring). What they claim as works of art and not just ‘patina’, it sounds as if we can expect greatness from this project. From the looks of the shoe in the hands of one very Stylish Trevor of Scabal, it would appear that the artist indeed has some serious skill as a graphic drawer and while this project won’t be for the masses, I do look forward to seeing what we can expect from this artist. I wouldn’t claim to wear the shoes in the picture but I think that they are damn cool and could at least appreciate the man bold enough to make an outfit out of them.

The project is well secret and under wraps so this is all that I know for now. Any more updates to it and I shall let you all know.

And by the way, a very very Happy New Year to all!

I will make another post soon about where I am at in 2019 for all of you curious


Justin FitzPatrick

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