The idea of a rubberized (or polyurethane) moc is simply brilliant to me, even though I am a big advocate of leather footwear. So you ask why? Well, first and foremost, these types of dainty shoes are not built for hard-wearing. As a matter of fact, they are not even built for wearing period as they were originally intended for using while driving (and thus sitting – not walking). That being, it does not make sense to buy a leather/suede pair at +£200 just to have to worry about wearing them on rainy days or  having to prance around in them, always needing to look at every step you take…..this should be reserved for bespoke shoes only! Therefore, when companies like Shuddy create something of this nature, for only 67 Euros, and do so in every color imaginable, it brings great pleasure to me. Not only cold you beat the crap out of these, but you could easily just wipe them down when they get dirty. It’s a win-win situation. Who doesn’t love that?! Now, let me decide which color I want!

13 thoughts on “Fancy Colors?…..Take Your Pick! — Shudy Footwear”

  1. Hi,

    I have a pair for rainy days, they are cool anddon’tlook like they are in rubber at first glance. But they do give me terrible blisters after walking more then 10 minutes so please don’t buy them for walking.

  2. Nasty, smelly, evil! Shame on you, Justin Fitzpatrick! :p

    If you want a cheap, soft moccasin for driving, there are plenty on sale in leather or suede for a comparable price. Those English makers with factories in India – Loake, Barker, Grenson – often have loafers at around £100 as the every day price, and half that in the sales. I even saw a pair of Church’s loafers on sale today for £120 including VAT.

    Even a high-street shop can do better than this – I bought a true moccasin in black leather from Aldo for £25 once. Still use them as kind of outdoor slippers, on occasion.

    There is no excuse for plastic shoes, sir, unless you’re wading in a river for some reason. And even then, there must be options!

    Consider yourself chastised, Mr Fitzpatrick!

  3. Lol @ Anon above…exactly! Hard to believe the “shoe snob” could recommend these “shoe slob” plastic shoes! What next? F***ing “Crocs”?!

    It must be something in the water in Albania, causing the mind to desire cheap, plastic, mass-produced industrial items regardless of quality or usefulness. Hoxha’s footwear legacy in glorilous Technicolor!

    Never mind, holiday must be nearly over. I hope that normal snobbery will be restored as soon as Mr F’s well-heeled feet hit the Row! πŸ™‚

  4. Haha. Here’s a test, owen: wrap your feet in shoes and socks for a day, an get some good walking in.

    Then try wrapping them in any kind of plastic for the same period, with similar activity – cling film, oversized washing up gloves, bin bags, even these plastic shoes. Whatever’s easiest, just give it the same time and use.

    Let us know the difference!

    (Tip: buy nose plugs, anti-fungal cream and a cyanide pill first, and apologise to your wife in advance.)

    What really gets me is not just that they’re suggesting you walk around with your feet in a moulded plastic container all day. It’s that to do so costs £65!

    Anyway, I see that Justin is now back to sincerely snobbish, obscure, hand-crafted finery. I am grateful that normal service has been resumed!

  5. Alex B, I am the previous anon. I would have married this girl until she wore Crocs with a skirt suit. Shame, her legs easily rivalled Miranda Kerr’s.

  6. Anon,

    Quite right too. What would you have discovered next, Tesco-bag lingerie? Well, I suppose that might appeal to some specialist interests, but best not to dwell.

    My beloved is naturally (being female and intelligent), a shoe fan. Bless her, she is capable of being almost as enthusiastic about my shoe-lusts, as her own.

    I have been talking to her, though, about passing over the very cheap bargains, regardless of how pretty, if they have plastic soles or PU “leather”. Better to go more expensive. As we make our plans for a life together, I have a feeling that last request might become something of a mixed blessing…

  7. Benjy – Glad to see you back on here!!

    Anon – Thanks for the heads up!

    Alex B – I knew that this was coming…..remember that I come from a background of trainers and casual shoes, of which will always be inherent in my love of shoes…. πŸ™‚

    Andrey – I would definitely assume so…

    Latest Fashion & Style – Glad to hear that you enjoy the blog, thanks for sharing….

    Anon – Yup, by aliens….

    Owen B – yea, I am sure that Alex B’s car tires are made of leather…. πŸ™‚


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