Angelo Galasso - A Bit of Fabric Action!

We all know how much I love a bit of fabric/cloth mixed in with a pair of shoes, and this one here by Angelo Galasso is a great example. What he did here quite strongly reminds me of the one that I did in conjunction with Gaziano & Girling, albeit certain details differ between the two. Lovely nonetheless and I love the fabric that he did use, almost like a light canvas looking material. For me, all spectators should be made with a fabric or cloth as opposed to a contrasting leather. But that would be in a very unrealistic ideal world. I do like the average spectator with a leather or suede vamp/quarter bit but I much prefer it with a cloth like material, as it just adds a bit more depth and uniqueness to it. If only we all had endless money to buy custom shoes….how great would that be!!


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3 thoughts on “Angelo Galasso – A Bit of Fabric Action!”

  1. I have two leather and canvas spectators and I love them, but neither are as perfect as this. The adelaide style and the contrast of black and light grey is just gorgeous. Lovely last shape too with that Italian chiseled toe.

    Nice dose of porn there, Justin…and I look forward to the spectators in your next collection!

  2. paul van der hart

    Originally spectators were supposed to be made from two different types of leather, thus creating the depth you miss in modern spectators. Those are often made of one type of leather.

    I agree that you can use a cloth or fabric to get the same effect. But it would be nice if the effect would be present in modern all leather spectators as well.

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