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Warning: Not for the faint of heart!

I have always had a soft spot for floral prints. When I was younger, I used to buy floral print (subtle ones) shirts from Banana Republic, back when doing so was the cool thing to do (i.e circa 20 years ago). I also had a dark brown leather engraved floral print loafer from Donald Pliner. I loved these so much a bought a half size too small and they used to kill my toes when wearing so only got so many uses.

Fast forward to today. I look at these and think, ‘Dang, they are amazing!’. But truth be told, I would probably never wear them. Let me take that back. I would wear them maybe 2- 5 times in 20 years (this being the top ones). Which is hardly a great deal for value vs use. But they are cool. And they are for the few, I know this for sure.

Question is how many of ‘the few’ are actually reading this blog? If you are, better get on it as there is only enough fabric to make 6 pairs. (That is for the blue pair)

Ducal Firenze is a brand to watch out for. I know that they are working on making themselves more accessible for the common client. And I look forward to this day as they make amazing shoes!

Email to sign up for a pair of the blue ones!

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