Enzo Bonafe Chukka Boot for Skoaktiebolaget

Enzo Bonafe Chukka Boot for Skoaktiebolaget
It doesn’t get much better than a good chukka boot. They are just so darn comfortable and more importantly versatile. I recently re-launched the chukka boot for my collection of shoes and I find myself wearing it at least twice a week which is quite astounding as most of my shoes don’t see daylight for at least once a month, if not less frequently. It’s funny how we go through phases as people. Right now I am in my chukka boot phase. So when I saw these lovely ones by Enzo Bonafe for Skoaktiebolaget in their lovely Tarnsjo grain I was quite taken aback. The shade of brown is perfect, so perfect it is hard to describe. It has so many undertones to it and I could see myself living in a pair of these with all my favorite jeans to accompany. The only downside is that they are not available on a ready to wear basis. For the moment you would have to go down the MTO route to acquire a pair.

For more enquiries, contact SKOAKTIEBOLAGET.

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