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It’s quite funny how your tastes evolve as you get older and what you once hated, you look at in a new light and what you once loved, you start to dislike. I don’t know if it is fate but I have been seeing a lot of cowboy boots infiltrating the dress shoe world and it’s like a retargeting marketing campaign: the more you see it, the more tempted you are to buy it. Now, in the past, I never liked cowboy boos for two main reasons. 1. I hate pointy toes and 2. I don’t like Cuban heels. And all that over-decor on the shaft was nice in an artistic way, but unnecessary overkill in my opinion as you simply covered it anyway. But now I have been watching the tv series Justified, seeing how cool Raylan Givens is, in his cowboy boots and hat and makes me think, ‘hey maybe cowboy boots can be cool in 2017 on a guy from the city who wears slim jeans.’ And while that person could be me, in reality, it is Sergio Guardi, one of the owners of Barbanera who makes wearing cowboy boots look cool IMHO.

What has attracted me to the Barbanera†version of the cowboy boot is several things: 1. The last is a shape of a fine dress shoe. 2. They are in suede. 3. The simplistic shaft design and very cool piping. 4. The not so overly high Cuban†heel. And call me crazy, but I really feel like I need to try these. I might end up hating them when on but I have this grand desire to at least give it a go and see, which is kind of crazy, even for myself! But hey, I am getting older and apparently my taste is evolving. Just might start wearing flip-flops with jeans soon (joke – not even in my grave would I do that).

Well done to my fratelli†at Barbanera for these ones!

4 thoughts on “Cowboy Boots by Barbanera — One’s That I Would Actually Wear!”

  1. Very odd. After looking up videos of quality shoes and boots on YouTube, suddenly I find myself looking at cowboy boots, as suggested by the website. Seems the cowboy boot industry is paying a pretty penny to YouTube. Even I have been impressed with some of the boots, which surely could not be worn by somebody in the North West of England… could it? I have no wild plans.

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