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A while back I wrote a post about how I have always wanted to own Edward Green shoes and a three-piece suit and the fact that since I was now in England (earning in the British pound) it should make it easier to acquire these two things. Well, I finally got them, as I am showing you today. The only problem is that the Edward Green’s are not stamped Edward Green, but rather Gieves & Hawkes. But they were made by EG, so for now that will have to do, until I get a pair from the store or something. Aside from that little oversight, I am quite pleased to have been able to get what I have always wanted. Granted, getting a three-piece suit in the States would not have been that difficult but I am a picky guy and the only options out there were way above my pay grade. And let’s be fair, the tailoring in the States in no where near what it is on Savile Row. So, me being the patient one that I tend normally not to be, worked out great in the end with this made-to-measure number. And now I just need to continue building up my three-piece and double-breasted suit wardrobe….!

12 thoughts on “Edward Green’s & Three-Piece Suits: Part 2”

  1. Very nice post. I love what you are doing and I am a fan of your blog, but for Christ sake, change either the camera or its settings !

  2. +1

    Like the guy above said. Love the post, and I do thank you for all that I’ve learned from your blog.

    But please, invest in a new camera.

  3. Anonymous 1 & 2 – Thanks guys. I do need to update my camera, I know. The only hard part is that I am also trying to start my company, so all of my spare change is going into frivolous things like buying up website URL’s, company registrations, and whole bunch of other ‘little things.’ Waiting for my wife to get a new one so that I can take her old one! 🙂

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  4. Look I’m only writing this because someone needs to say this to you:

    Why are you wearing brown loafers with a three-piece suit? A three-piece is a very formal suit and you are trying to rock a casual shoe with it. It looks off. Or maybe, I’m clueless about “style”. And would it be so wrong to wear black oxfords with such a formal suit. The brown shoes take away from the whole look. Black shoes do not attract the eye allowing the viewer to adjust their eyes to other parts of the outfit. Brown shoes have their place just not as much as people think (so-called internet “style” experts).

    If you want to wear loafers with a suit, lose the vest. Also, lose the socks. The shoes are already bad and just made it worse with those hideous socks. What is this craze today with the i-gents and hideous socks?

  5. Topher – I know, tell me about it… I can’t wait either!!!

    Anonymous – Thanks for “being the one to say it to me” but guess what, I still don’t care! Obviously you don’t reed this blog that much, because if you did, you would understand that I am not conventional in the way that you think that I should be. And by the way, the shoes are burgundy, not brown.

    I don’t claim to be an iGent or whatever, I just show my outfits for those that wish to know how to pair shoes (that may not be conventional colors) with outfits. You seem to come from a very traditional way of sartorial thinking, of which I completely disagree with. I am more on the side of the Italian’s way of thinking where I believe that brown is a much better fit than black to pair with navy suits.

    Read the blog, and understand that I am not a conservative who is narrow minded when it comes to “the rules” of dressing.

    Nevertheless, thanks for your opinion. Duly noted, but otherwise not influential by any means.

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  6. Anonymous ^^^

    I can’t disagree any more with what you stated. “style”, I believe, is a form of expression. A statement to the world around you of who you are. Of course, black or brown shoes with a blue suit is a personal preference, I think the brown shoes makes the outfit pop, gives it that extra jazz. Why does one have to conform to a certain way or “style” or dress? We are free to express ourselves. And the socks, I love them Justin.

    Keep up the great work on the blog and best of luck with your new shoe line.

  7. Unknown – All I can say, is well said and thank you for the support. You nailed it on the head, better than I just did in my response. Thanks for being a dedicated reader.

    All the best,

    Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  8. Sorry for the late post but just came across your blog. …good read btw!

    Was just wondering if you had any more info on your suit? Loving the fabric, makes for a great looking suit. Thanks!

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