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It's Just Me And My Pink Laces!

Some might call this overkill, others might call it brilliant, I just call it being bored from conservatism and wanting to do something about it! Because every now and then, an outfit needs a injection of fun color to liven it up a bit….and as I have said before, a touch of extravagant lacing helps to meet that need. Most people go for the classic red laces but as I had a tie that matched with my shoes (+ the pink laces), I thought ‘what the heck, why not?!’ The problem with pink though, is that too much of it (especially in a bright shade) starts to create an effect that becomes undesirable to the eye. But when done in control and used as an accent, I quite enjoy the idea of pink being incorporated into one’s outfit.

For those that feel the same, yet can’t find the laces to complete the outfit, check out The Shoe Snob Shop.

Shoes: Bespoke, made by me.
Suit: Gieves & Hawkes
Shirt: Primark

It's Just Me And My Pink Laces!


It's Just Me And My Pink Laces!


It's Just Me And My Pink Laces!


10 thoughts on “It’s Just Me And My Pink Laces!”

  1. Justin, my friend, you are THE MASTER! The suit fits like a glove and the laces are the icing on the cake! Absolutely brilliant.

  2. AFJ – sadly enough, I don’t have one…but I need to get one with a contrasted white collar….when I come up in some spare disposable income shirts will be my next big purchase…got the shoes, got the suits, got the ties and now its shirts overhaul time!

    Ramsay – you are too kind my friend, thank you!


  3. Looks great Justin, great job on the shoes! That suit gives you an esteemed elegance and the tie looks great with that shirt! Don’t even worry about pink for now, but it will look good with that as well, I even like the socks!

  4. Justin,you’re style is Flamboyantly Fantastic…..”being bored from Conservatism,and Wanting to Do Something about it” such an Epic Statement my friend…..also,a Pink Pocket Square would look perfect…….

  5. I’m just about to order my first pair of different coloured laces.
    I think I’m going to break myself in gently.
    I generally wear a pair of brown semi-brogues with my grey suit. How do you think grey laces would go?

  6. OwenB – So sorry for the late reply on this one. Grey and brown for me is my favorite combo to be honest, but that does not mean that it wouldn’t look good. It’s hard for me to say on this one….sorry. Do let me know what you end up getting…

    -Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

  7. Justin – I became completely sold on coloured, contrasting laces when I plucked up the courage to buy a pair of sky-blue suede shoes that had lavender soles – and matching lavender laces. Beautiful shoes!
    These shoes elicited many positive comments from both male and female colleagues – especially, it has to be said, from the ladies 🙂 Money well spent!

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