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I have never really been a big fan of pairing sport coats with trousers, but since I have a few jackets, I try and force myself as much as I can. The reason that I am not such a big fan of it, is the fact that I feel that the outfit always seems to look a bit jumbled, considering the fact that you don’t tend to match the color of your trousers to your jacket, which leaves you pairing many colors together. I do have to say though, that this is something that the Italian population has down to a “T,” and something that I truly envy them for. But I guess that with money (and time), I will only get better, as I will purposefully coordinate the outfit at the store and then buy it, as opposed to buying separate pieces (like I do) and trying to work them out at home during my morning rush. Nevertheless, utilizing outfits like this (on the more dress-casual side) allows me to wear my loafers more, which I am currently in a phase with….

Shoes: Gieves & Hawkes (by Edward Green and dyed by Paulus Bolten)
Jacket: Pete Werth
Trousers: H&M
Shirt: Ted Baker
Tie: Gieves & Hawkes

14 thoughts on “What I Am Wearing”

  1. Dear Justin,

    please allow me to elaborate on your post. I agree that pairing sports jackets with trousers can be difficult and that the “italians” are very good at this exercise. Nevertheless I myself only wear sports jackets with “off” trousers, sometimes (too often?) with too much colour (panache?). But, and here comes my point, it is not necessarily a matter of monetary means; and pairing outfits already in the shop goes against any elegant ideal whereas you enjoy juggling your clothes in the early morning rush.

    Yours, LM

  2. A plain white shirt would’ve worked much better than a shirt with violet checks that just adds another color that doesn’t match the rest of your outfit.

    Also, I personally would have tied a slightly larger knot to go with the width of your collar’s spread.

    And remember the pocket square!

  3. LM – Yes, I agree that it has nothing to do with being rich or not, but it certainly helps….

    Superchick – I think that you forgot the phrase, “in my most humble opinion….!”

    Dave – While I appreciate your insights, it almost sounds as if it was coming from Mr. Alan Flusser himself. I personally believe that style is not obtained by adhering to the common belief of the masses or to style books. They are good guidelines, yes, but should not define any one person’s daily outfit. But that is just my opinion… To me the check worked fine, because I had a solid jacket and tie…I am also quite over large knots as I used to only tie them…I do agree about the pocket square, but just always forget as I really only wear the jacket to and from work…


  4. think of the majority of check shirts, do they have reason to be, think of the fact that many are supposed to have a tie with them, well whats the point of that?For obvious reasons.

  5. its always dissapointing when others don’t agree with ones own vision of themselves but as they say if you want to write a blog you want feedback, show bizz bro!

  6. Superchick – what you don’t seem to get, is that I don’t care about what you think, especially about check shirts or how I dress myself. I love comments by my readers, especially the negative ones as they make me laugh, but what I don’t like is when they are simply intended to get under my skin for the sake of doing so, as if the reader has nothing else better to do. You do this ….constantly… .and also think that I am here to just help you, and only you, as if it is not enough that I try and provide as much information that I can to all of my readers.

    That being, know that I am going to be moderating your comments a lot more heavier now….so if your intention is to just leave destructive ones…as you love to do…don’t expect them to see the light of day!


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