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Ed Et Al - Suede Galore!

I really love what Ed Et Al is doing these days. I feel that in sort of a way, me and the owner have a somewhat of a similar vision of offering classic-ish models/shapes but putting on a more young and contemporary edge, with slight detail changes as well as the injection of color. The only difference is that with Ed Et Al, owning their own factory, they are able to be a bit more risque than myself. I think that that this new model just proves that and the genius behind what they are trying to achieve. Not only is the model brilliant and a bit different than what you usually see but the color choices are simply stunning and this, from what I know of their offering, is only a fraction of what they can do with suede options…. I will be really curious to see where Ed Et Al is in 5 years, in the sense of how big their name will be and from what I know of the owner and his vision, I bet bigger than you think!

Ed Et Al - Suede Galore!

Ed Et Al - Suede Galore!

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