Don’t Sleep on Burgundy Shoes – Stefano Bemer

Don't Sleep on Burgundy Shoes - Stefano Bemer

When most men think of burgundy shoes what probably pops into their head is one of two things; 1. Penny or tassel loafers from some 100 year old company or some tanker like Alden derby shoe. But when I think of burgundy shoes, something along the lines of these Stefano Bemer leather/suede combination oxfords pops into my head. And why shouldn’t it? These are hands down one of the most attractive pairs of shoes that I have seen this year and for me what I envision more and more men wearing and actually thinking about when people mention the idea of burgundy shoes. So thanks to SB for continue to do things that push the envelope and break ideas of what things should be as opposed to what they ought to be!


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