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Stefano Bemer tapiro leather
Picture courtesy of Leffot

I have never been a great lover of exotic leathers, but have always been extremely intrigued by Tapiro and Carpincho leather. Something about the texture and those little white dots are somewhat fascinating. The problem is that I think that due to it’s nature, it is quite limiting in what shoe models you can use it for. I would presume that anything with a plain toe would be the best model for it, but what I would love to see it paired with is an adelaide spectator with 4 pieces (vamp/quarter, toe cap, heel counter and facing). In this color above on the vamp/quater and a dark brown leather on the rest of the pieces, would in my mind create one very cool shoe. Let’s see who is going to do it! But getting back to the shoes at hand, I think that the leather goes very well with a chukka boot by Stefano Bemer. And kudos to the man that ordered them and is wearing them proudly!!

2 thoughts on “Tapiro Chukka’s by Bemer”

    1. Rolf Holzapfel

      Those remind me of the pearl-encrusted slippers which Berluti had made for the coronation of “Emperor Bokassa I of Central Africa”. Those shoes clocked-in at USD 85,000 and were back in 1977 the most expensive shoes ever made.

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