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In my younger days, I was never typically a fan of the derby model.  I am still not to be quite honest. My preference was always towards oxfords. So when creating my very first round of designs, the Whittier model was apart of that collection and I even had it made as a sample before the line launched. My goal was simple. To create an apron stitch shoe on an oxford. It was something that I had never seen before but imagined it looking good. However, in the early days of establishing the J.FitzPatrick Footwear brand, neither I nor the factory was ready for this model as we both needed a bit of refinement before producing something so unique.

Four years later, having already created the LPB last and in a great working relationship with the factory I felt it was time. For me, the LPB last was the perfect choice to suit this look. So I made a sample and it came out perfect, just how I had envisioned it. We first made it in our Auburn Calf and it was a huge success. I imagine that there are more people like myself who prefer an oxford and appreciated the blend of a typical derby style set onto the pattern of an oxford.

In its second year, we have decided to try out a new color, our Shaded Brown Calf with burnishing in the stitching sections of the shoe. We felt that this color really suited the model as it allowed the shoe to be at its most versatile point in this mid to dark brown shade that can sit underneath just about any style and color of trouser.

We hope that you like the model as much as we do and that you can appreciate the subtle detailing of the combined derby oxford look. It is unique and simple at the same time. And yet always elegant.

And of course, as always, please don’t hesitate to email me at for any questions


Justin FitzPatrick

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