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Del Toro ShoesThere are always misconceptions in fashion where it is said that certain articles of clothing/shoes/accessories should or should not be worn, or should only be worn here or there or then and not now. This is all bullshit!! You should wear what the hell you want, when you want and however you want to so long as you do it well, look presentable and maintain confidence. Rules are meant to be broken. Look at how many people wear white after Labor Day. So in this writing, I will hopefully help you to bring yourself to break some more rules which brings me to the subject at hand: velvet house slippers by Del Toro.
Del Toro Shoes
Del Toro ShoesDel Toro Shoes
As quoted by Del Toro, “The history of the company is exciting. It was created in 2007 by the three students who wanted to smoke their senior cigars in the boarding school slippers, and now, from Kent to Lawrenceville to New York to Las Vegas to Palm Beach, Del Toro Shoes are on the rise. Del Toro made the Prince Albert style slippers available faster and cheaper, keeping the quality standards up to the highest level. Handcrafted in Spain, these shoes are a unique fashion statement, an unusual gift option and a staple for a groom and his groomsmen. Del Toros can be made to fit your style with a personalized color selection. There are options of added embroidery, school emblems, custom designs or just a printless, classic loafer.”

Apparently, when these three young gentleman wanted to have some house slippers to smoke their cigars in, they researched how to obtain some and found that the turn around time was almost one year with a price ticket of $900. That sounds absurd to me!! So what they did was create readily available options price tagged from $165-$185 as well as custom options for $265 with a four month wait. This is amazing!! I love to hear about stories of young people in the fashion industry who find problems in the market and then instead of just putting up with them they actually go and do something about it. In this case, they took it to the highest level and created a company that filled the void. How great is that!!!

Del Toro ShoesDel Toro Shoes

Now let’s talk about how to break these rules and utilize this style of shoe in an everyday wardrobe. Velvet house slippers are considered by many to be something that you put to use when you want to dress up in your home but don’t want to wear regular shoes nor slippers. If you are really fancy you can accompany them with a nice velour jacket and you will have a great Hugh Hefner look going on. This look is cool and great but it is not the only way to use these shoes. Depending on how bold you are, these shoes can go from wearing with shorts all the way to throwing them on with a suit. Obviously, if you put them with shorts, you need to be somewhat nicely dressed, up above. For example, don’t wear them with a pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt or you will look like an idiot. Get a nice pair of shorts and maybe a button up or a nice shirt/polo and put them on and you will have a great alternative to flip flops and a t-shirt for a warm day while still being able to stay cool and not overdressed. To wear them with jeans or casual pants is even easier, it really doesn’t take much explanation. Treat them like any other shoe. The great thing about these shoes is that they are cut low, allowing you to have fun with your socks and wear something that stands out and adds a little bit of character to your outfit.

Del Toro ShoesDel Toro Shoes

To dress them up is also very simple and it looks great. I love pairing them with jeans and a sport coat, it’s a easy and it’s a great look! Now, they are not the most dressiest of shoes unless done with an elongated cut, much like a Ferragamo would and in black. So if you are going to wear them in colors other than black, realize that if paired with a suit it can give a little bit more of a casual look to your outfit. Nonetheless, they look great dressed up, just don’t wear them to an interview!!

Del Toro ShoesDel Toro Shoes

On Del Toro’s website you can see all of the options that they provide and the prices that correlate to each style. You can purchase directly through them and like I said before, they come at a great price for a well built, comfortable shoe. At $165, you can’t beat it and if you don’t have something like this, it is definitely a nice addition to your wardrobe. You would think that they are hard to wear, but after this article I know that you will see just how easy it really is!! The blue and red velour options are a must have!!

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  1. Thx for your polite comment in my blog! The suede tassel loafers are made by Markowski, a french company selling high qualitity at affordable prices.

    And be sure: i really envy your shoes, i love them all. Must be great to choose from such a variety.

    Apart from that, im totally digging what you say about velvet slippers. Will definitely be the next pair of shoes 🙂

  2. extremely interesting topic…….velvet slippers are seriously versatile & subtle…….I need to get a pair soon…thank you for posting,Justin………..

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