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David Balzaic
So I have just gotten back from what has been a very fun, successful and tiring trip to Singapore. I always have a great time while there, as Kevin Seah and team a great hosts, but man is it full on, especially as it was 4 day trunk show. But now I am back and in full swing of things here in London, not only sorting out what happened in Singapore but also from the monstrous busy weekend of Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. That being, for all of those that have purchased, please bare with us as we work out fastest to get everything out. And we are a 3 man company, down one person today so doing our best!

On another note, I thought that I would present a maker that does not get a lot of attention online, in hopes to give you all one option in your life! And that maker is Mr. David Balazic. For those that may not be familiar with him Mr. Balazic is a Berluti trained, Hermes grown, now self employed bespoke shoemaker hailing from France, but living and working in Nagymaros, Hungary (just one hour away from Budapest). His shoes appear to be a homage to the Victorian era of shoemaking where they had extremely small and tight upper stitching, short facing’s with the eyelets quite close to each other, which in turn creates a completely different aesthetic to the shoe (longer quarters). So for those of you that travel to Budapest, maybe think about giving David a visit if you have a few spare hours. You just might be in for a pleasant surprise!

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