Corthay Canvas Shoes for S/S2015
Corthay adelaide, pictures courtesy of Parisian Gentleman

I have always loved canvas as a material. The only thing that I do not love is how hard it is to clean when it gets dirty. White Chuck T’s (converse all star’s) are the ultimate no-no shoe for this very idea, but they always look cool. But as someone who hates a dirty/scuffy shoe, I could never allow myself to get a pair of those. This is where I am with these Corthay’s. Looking at them all, they look simply amazing. But the only ones that I feel that I would ever get any use out of are the ones that have the canvas on the facing/upper quarter of the shoe. The full blown derby is attractive but just too much canvas to take a chance. But then again it depends on the climate you live in. If you are in Arizona where it never rains, then maybe it’s okay, but any of these in London is asking for trouble. Although I would certainly risk it for the Wilfred’s!

On another note, I am one step closer to launching my MTO service with J.FitzPatrick. I am making up lasts in narrow and wide, and have trial tested the first narrow shoe (below) on my new, upcoming last NGT. The fit was perfect, and now I just have to see about the wide widths. As soon as all of the lasts are all sorted out, I will launch and for those of you who have been wanting to try a pair of J.F shoes but have not been able to due to the lack of width offerings, well, now will be your chance!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the heat. Me? I am looking forward to Autumn already!


-Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Corthay Canvas Shoes for S/S2015 Corthay Canvas Shoes for S/S2015

Corthay Canvas Shoes for S/S2015
J.FitzPatrick Windermere MTO

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