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Following yesterday’s roast of Berluti’s RTW atrocities, is the upside post about their Bespoke Program and the amazingness that comes out of that. I recently saw this photo on the Instagram account of @sole_preacher and was immediately impressed with all that was going on. Now, don’t get me wrong. This is not a ‘normal’ shoe. This, for me, is not necessarily a wearable shoe either (i.e. I would not wear it) but the detail, making, quality and design is off the charts and most definitely something I appreciate and admire.

The gold Norwegian welt on a single sole balmoral oxford is priceless. Normally you only see Norwegian welts on boots or triple soled shoes that are made with the intention of facing harsh weather. But this is purely made for aesthetic as you would not dare take these out on a wet winter’s day.? But that is the beauty of them. The ability to make an F**U shoe because you can and thus blending details that you like from different ideas to create something completely unique yet beautiful. And the balmoral line is unlike any other, being very symmetrical with a multi-curved line that offers something unique to shoe design. And that is what I love about the Berluti I always knew and admired. Their abilities to make completely wild and crazy beautiful shoes that you could not find or see anywhere else. And this is a good example of that!

So it strikes me as strange that the RTW and Bespoke programs can be so polar opposite to each other, one making garbage at times while the other is making masterpieces.

Here are some other examples of Berluti bespoke greatness

Courtesy of Parisian Gentleman

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