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Carmina shoes on offer
Carmina shoes on offer

It would appear that as time goes on the idea of the patination of shoes becomes more and more prevalent within the shoe industry. Putting modern ideas on classic shoes is probably my absolute favorite concept as I love the designs of yesteryear but hate the idea of being stuck to the classic color offerings (i.e. black/brown/tan etc.). So seeing things like this always makes me happy as I feel that it is yet just another step in the right direction of A. smartening everyone up and B. getting out of this mentality that only black should be used for business.

That being Swedish shoe shop,Skoaktiebolaget, teamed up with the ever famous Alexander Nurulaeff of Dandy Shoe Carein offering their customers the chance of putting these modern ideas on a classic Carmina shoe. And this is what they came up with. That being, for those of you in Sweden you have the opportunity to get these 3 colorways at 4000Kr (350, €440, $570) this Friday and Saturday and meet Mr. Nurulaeff himself. And for those of you not in Sweden, whatever is left over, come Monday will be available for purchase on the website of Skoaktiebolaget. I must say that all of the colors are nice, of course, but that green is particularly inviting!!

I wish everyone a great weekend

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

2 thoughts on “Dandy Shoe Care Trunk Show at Skoaktiebolaget”

  1. Excellent. Good to see some more exposure for Mr. Nurulaeff’s talents. The green is very appealing. And the matching shoe trees are a nice touch.

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