New Stuff in the Industry!

New Stuff in the Industry!
Beautiful patina by Septieme Largeur!!

It can be hard keeping on top of all of thenew things that are coming out and events that are going on. At first this post was going to be about trunk shows but then I tried scouring the web for them and found that there are just way too many to list out. I would be copying and pasting like 10 pages of text. Just look at G&G’s trunk show schedule!! Way too much! So, instead I thought that I would simply leave a few pieces of cool information/observations that I have noticed within the past few days in the hopes to give you guys a bit of insight into what’s happening now in the industry!

1. Septieme Largeur patina’s are getting cooler and cooler as time goes on.

Like anything, things evolve and people get better at whatever it is that they are doing. I really like how SL’s patina’s have evolved into something more than just brush strokes. The examples at the top and directly below are brilliant as they provide a bit of depth and understanding of what they are capable of.

New Stuff in the Industry!
Septieme Largeur patina
New Stuff in the Industry!
Saint Crispins boots that are on sale now at Leatherfoot

2. Saint Crispin’s shoes are heavily discount at LeatherSoul and Leatherfoot.

LeatherSoul is having a Saint Crisipins Sample Sale. That’s the cool thing. The down side is that they are only from UK7-UK9 (US8-US10). If you happen to be a lucky one in those sizes, well happy shopping! If not, don’t worry as Leatherfoot in Canada is also have a Saint Crispins Sale. On top of the that, I must say that I really like Leatherfoot’s new photography and website layout. It’s very clean and the black background in the pictures (which if I remember correctly is either a pony haired rug) is brilliant and makes the picture really clean but not boring like your typical white background.

New Stuff in the Industry!
Carmina with Patina by Dandy Shoe Care

3. Skoaktiebolaget still has Dandy Shoe Care patina’d Carmina shoes for sale on their site

Just recently Skoak in Sweden had an event with Alexander Nurulaeff of Dandy Shoe Care in which they had given 3 patina’s on a beautiful semi brogue by Carmina. What ever was leftover from the trunk show was going directly on sale on their website afterwards and amazingly they still have stock left. Get it while you can as I am sure that it won’t be coming back again soon. See the bottom of THIS PAGE for the shoes.

New Stuff in the Industry!
William Abraham Socks

4. Leffot stocks cool, new accessories!

Leffot of NYC has recently started carrying two very cool accessory companies 1. Duret belts of Paris and 2. William Abraham socks of NYC. Both offer something just a little bit different than what is already out there and as you may know, I tend to always appreciate the things that are different and thought many of you may too! I have personally worn the socks and let me tell you that they are exquisite in every which way!

New Stuff in the Industry!
Duret Belts





5 thoughts on “New Stuff in the Industry!”

  1. Hi Justin,

    I never heard of sample sales, what are those? I Hope I don’t ask too much, but how does one care for shoes with such a nice patina. I would be afraid to ruin it.


    1. a sample sale traditionally is when a brand sells off the samples that they created that did not go to production. however, it has turned into more than that, in which it is now really just like any other sale, but usually with much lower pricing…. one should shine a patina just like anything else…if you are afraid to ruin it, just use neutral

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