The Last Shoemaker has some pretty cool crocodile options with matching belts as part of their customizable RTW/MTO program. The pricing is very reasonable for crocodile too, at only $2750 per pair. The belt’s price is not as easily found but knowing their quote low pricing (comparatively speaking) as a brand, I imagine that they will be around the $500-$700 range (maybe even less). Anyone experienced in shopping for exotics will know how good these deals are.

What intrigued me most was the whole presentation. Crocodile wholecuts are not unique but finding ones with matching sole colors are and I like that feature. At the same time to be able to order the exact matching belt is also something you do not often find. Especially not at these prices. It presents itself as a niche ensemble especially if they have other options in both color and suede croc, which I do believe they have.

The shoes only take 6 weeks to make (which are completely handmade) and imagine the belts are within the same time frame. For those that have been wanting to get intot he world of exotics but could not swallow the often steep price tag, these deals are about as good as it gets for a well made product.

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4 thoughts on “Crocodile Wholecuts from The Last Shoemaker”

    1. Justin FitzPatrick

      If you are interested in getting these shoes, you will need to follow the link in the post and contact the shoemaker directly.

  1. I love this additional find you and pray that the gentleman still continue to wear them exposing how cute this style alive JR

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