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It’s a new day and famous English shoemakers, Crockett & Jones, is taking bounds and leaps in 2020, which is very pleasing to see to say the least. I love their new Spring/Summer line up. Probably my favorite collection of theirs that I have seen. Mainly because I am very partial to two of the models: The Braided Loafers and the Butterfly loafers. Two of my all-time favorite loafer styles. So needless to say, my bias towards this collection is strong.

The Butterfly loafer is both surprising yet a no-brainer to see from them. The history of the model runs very deep from when George Cleverley, working for New & Lingwood at the time, designed it for their Poulsen & Skone line. Back when I lived in London the only places that offered butterfly loafers were New & Lingwood and then Gieves & Hawkes, who brought back the Poulsen & Skone line to coincide with their own brand. Both of which were made by Crockett & Jones. The butterfly loafer was my favorite loafer yet was so unheard of in the shoe industry at the time, mainly known to just Londoners and those rich enough to afford MTO Edward Green or Bespoke shoes as no one else was making them.

As Crockett & Jones were the ones that made the shoes for both of those brands, it always surprised me that they never actually offered them in their own RTW collection. Apparently, they came to that same conclusion as of recently and decided to change that!

Another one of their latest and greatest is their braided loafer in black and tan. I like their weaving as it is much smaller and tighter than most. That even means they will be more easily shined! And most likely more durable as the large the braiding the more easily it is to snag their pieces and cut one. Here they are woven so small and tight it’s almost as safe as plain calfskin. Win-Win. While these are your very classic offerings that they have started with, I do look forward to seeing what they come up with in subsequent collections!

Their new Jersey model is going to be a favorite with Cavendish lovers as it is essentially the same model but in nubuck on their city rubber sole. I have never been a huge fan of baby blue (they call it French Navy) but I actually really like it here, paired with this reddish rubber sole and contrast stitching. I can just imagine a blue pop collar polo shirt, some tan chinos and these bad boys on one of our scorching hot Summer days in NYC. A look that I think many will also easily create this coming Summer after grabbing their pair!

Last but not least is their classic penny loafer in 3 Summer-friendly colors. A great collection for sure. And highly pleasing to know that with a company as famous and influential as C&J, that more people will now be wearing butterfly loafers around the world. It’s a new day!