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Here is a new video series that I am working on called ‘Up Close Details’. It is a work in progress on deciding whether my GoPro or Phone is a better instrument for the video. So, forgive the first videos not being as focused as I thought that they were (seeing things on the GoPro while filming do not look the same as after the fact). Nonetheless, I hope that you can enjoy a bit more close-up detailing of the shoes that I am unboxing as I do not get the opportunity to give you those close-ups in the unboxing videos.

Here, I speak on the world-famous Cavendish tassel loafer by the premier English shoemakers, Crockett & Jones. A true classic and its quality shines bright in the video. Make sure to watch the unboxing video as well, to hear more of an opinion-based discussion on my thoughts on the model and C&J as a brand.

Find this model here:

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