Sussex Shoe Shop - Odds and Ends at Great Value


One of the biggest problems of owning a factory or being a shoe brand is all of the leftover stock that never gets purchased, no matter how hard to you try to sell it. Ever wonder what happens to that stock? Well in my theory some of it gets sent to 2nd-3rd world country re-sellers, other to places like Blue Fly and then to your common eBay Sellers among other places. So, one guy (who I know quite well) actually had the brilliant idea to gather up a bunch of odds and ends from different brands and do his best to get it out there at a fraction of the price of the retail value, all for things that are new or maybe tried on once or twice.

The shop is called Sussex Shoe Shop and while the proper website is being built, they have created a small eBay shop just to get some things going. I have looked at the catalog and there is a lot of stuff there, but see that the eBay shop is only a fraction of what he has. So, if you are interested in getting some C&J’s for Foster & Son at a great price, check out the eBay shop or better yet email my buddy at to see the entire catalog.

Happy Discount Shopping!

Sussex Shoe Shop - Odds and Ends at Great Value Sussex Shoe Shop - Odds and Ends at Great Value


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