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Crockett & Jones have recently accomplished a feat of well-deserved recognition: 25 Years of Retail Shops, and still going strong. Some may not think much of that, especially when compared to the actual age of the Crockett & Jones brand (143 years), but 25 years is significant, especially for how much has changed in those 25 years. I don’t think there have been as many shoe brands today as ever before. And I feel that like numbers grows year on year and it is rare one closes. That means competition is rife and even more challenging now with the structure of society and the ability to purchase across the planet with your mobile device. One really has to set themselves apart, whether in making, design, value, or simply brand integrity to really stay afloat these days without millions of dollars of backing. And the Crockett & Jones brand has done just that by offering all of the above and on top, having a great team of people to back it all up.

As you have read this blog, you know that I have been writing about C&J for years. Not only are they my blog supporters, but I personally know many of the people at the company, from James Fox, head of Marketing/communication (and more), Steve Murdoch, head of retail, and many of the people in the shops across NYC and London. And they are all great people with a great culture that stems in service, politeness, friendliness and doing what they can to make their customers happy. And you feel that when you shop with them. It is evident. One might think that as brands of similar ilk but on the contrary, they have always treated me with respect and as a friend. And that is what I love about the C&J brand. And that very same idea is why they are still around after 143 years and 25 years of retail shops around the world.

So, to celebrate this grand accomplishment C&J decided to create a capsule collection of their customer’s favorite models in one of the more popular cult-like leathers of the moment: Cordovan Hatch Grain. As you can see from the photos, those models are the Cavendish and the Coniston. Two iconic models that will surely go down a treat for the customers of C&J and on top, to anyone that appreciates a pair of tassels loafers or hard-wearing derby boots in this beautiful rendition of the famous Cordovan leather. On top of the exclusive make-up, the shoes are accompanied by a lasted pair of shoe trees, in the quintessential British Racing Green, with a custom logo to celebrate to the anniversary.

While not normally being the biggest lover of tan shoes, I quite like the tan one the best in this line-up. Not because I don’t like the brown, but because this version of tan has a very unique shade to it that is not so ‘in-your-face,’ as many tans can be. It is more subtle and I like that. The hatch grain probably helps, but always find shades of Cordovan more appealing than their calfskin counterpart. I would be curious to know which one performs the best. Either way, it will be no surprise as they are all very nice.

These pairs are exclusive to the C&J retails shops and their online E-store. You will not find them in their stockist’s retail shops.

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