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George Cleverley Bespoke navy loafers

Not too long ago, George Cleverley held a one day/night sale for some of their bespoke shoes that were never collected by their customers… All in all there were about 40-50 pairs available, all of abnormal shapes and sizes…and only a few of regular people’s feet. What was cool however, were some of the styles. My favorites being the ones presented here in this post. I particularly liked the Naval colors used on that loafer. That combination had my personal style written all over it…clever man who designed it. Only a shame that he did not take it as it is one of the coolest combinations that I have yet to see…..The snuff suede monk was a beauty too. It happened to fit me like a glove. Only sad thing was that I did not have wads of cash to drop on it…next time! That being, I can bet my bottom dollar that they still have a few of these lying around, only that they won’t advertise it. That being if you have an odd shape foot and would like to get a bespoke shoe made for someone else (and thus at a discounted price), I would pester GC to see their leftover shoes (just don’t tell them that I sent you!)

George Cleverley Bespoke navy loafers George Cleverley Bespoke suede monks George Cleverley Bespoke suede monks George Cleverley Bespoke carpincha loafers George Cleverley Bespoke tassel loafers 2013-06-27 17.36.44

3 thoughts on “Cleverley Bespoke’s”

  1. Are the penultimate loafers made of peccary? What sort of construction is that? It looks to be too minimal even for Blake. The topline is exquisite.

    1. Judging by the low heel, I presume the penultimate loafer is intended to be a slipper (house shoe). Classic construction for a bespoke slipper would be “pump-stitched”, (which doe not use a welt). A method which these days only very, very few shoemakers can manage.

    2. I think that it was carpincho…but like Rolf said, it looks to be pump stitched and most likely is intended as a slipper..

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