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The idea of the tassel on a loafer being in a contrast color is probably one of my favorite details in shoe design. The tassel, for me, is one of those things that creates a lovely complement to a plain shoe. It makes me wonder who the heck thought of it and how they came about designing it…..They were a genius, that’s for sure! Nevertheless, while a tassel is an easy thing to attach to your design, the way in which you attach is what is going to set you apart. Now, it will be really hard to describe this in words without showing you in person, but the way in which the string part of the tassel goes from the side of the shoe to the vamp area is simply brilliant. That is, the way that it comes over the leather and then into a little hole and back out to create the tassel ends. But most shoes are not designed as such. Their string bits will end on the side and go underneath the leather to pop out right at the vamp area, hiding most of the string bit….I hope that this makes sense…..but it is one of the minute details that for me makes this loafer 10 million times better than the competition…..Carmina never ceases to impress me and after this, they just went up even further in my book…..

12 thoughts on “Carmina Greatness!!!!!!”

  1. Lovely loafers – beautiful colours.

    It’s very interesting to read your blog as it’s written from a male perspective and how you view the aesthetics and technicalities behind the designs. Makes a nice change from my usual reading.

  2. I don’t normally like tassel loafers but these may have me converted. Carmina make beautiful shoes.

    Congrats on the Mr Porter video!


  3. Meh. Each to his own. I like the ones that aren’t so contrasted, personally, but the shape is very elegant and I do like the bold stitching of the vamp.

    Carmina do make some great-looking shoes, it’s true.

  4. Hmm, looks like the trend of contrasting tassels is catching on.

    Just had a brain-wave/fart. For my next MTO perhaps I would put feathers instead of tassels. Small crow ones against a mother-of-pearl suede backdrop!

  5. Hey Benjy, put me down for a pair! Sounds like some kind of Native American shamanism…maybe white deerskin moccasins would be appropriate?!

  6. Alex, the more I think of this, the more enamoured I am! Perhaps this could help launch Justin into the big time, where even Lady Gaga may start wearing his creations!:O

    Now all we have to do is think of a name for this collection besides “Blue Steel”…

  7. Blogster Sartorial – I have to say gray on red….that one makes me melt!

    Sue – Thank you Sue. Glad to hear that my point of view is refreshing and I do feel the same in regards to having a women’s perspective, so thank you for participating in the comment section.

    Alex – Thank you sir!

    Alex B – one day Alex, one day….I will change your thinking!

    Benjy – lol, yea I would love to see that one!

    Alex B & Benjy together – Ahhh a nice virtual shoe love affair is created….just call me cupid!


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