I reckon that in 10 years time (or less), Spanish shoemaking will be just as known (or respected) as Italian shoemaking and a great part of who is to thank for that is Carmina. While previously known by the family name of Albaladejo, this family has been making good shoes for a long time, shoes that for me stand against some of the best British shoemakers today. While I have said this all before, it never hurts to repeat, especially as I have invested my future into Spanish shoemaking and do truly believe in it, without taking into consideration my clearly evident bias. But it is just like I believe in the shoemaking of other makers like Ed Et Al, who are based in Singapore and do a fantastic job…. Less so will a shoemaker be known by their country and simply by their abilities. This is the future that I see, a future that will hopefully mean that someone with a dream in Nigeria or Kazakhstan or Tibet, could follow it up, and through good shoemaking come out to be a success without the barrier to entry of being based in a country that is not known for shoemaking….This will happen, maybe not in my lifetime, but hopefully my children’s…..

By the way, I made my first bit of print coverage in a brand new bi-annual Men’s Style magazine here in London, called ‘Article.’ It’s a proper 7 page spread so if you fancy a souvenir of my first breakthrough, please go find yourself a copy!! Other articles that of Timothy Everest as well as many others….. (see image below of front cover)

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