France for the Win – Altan Bottier Dedicates a Patina to France!

France for the Win - Altan Bottier Dedicates a Patina to France!

Growing up, playing soccer/football was my favorite thing in the world. To be honest, it still is although I am well out of shape and never really play anymore. But hey ho, that is another story. I can’t claim to say that the World Cup was exciting this year as, to be honest, because I think that the only bit of it that I actually watched was when I was eating lunch at a Mexican restaurant and coincidentally Mexico was playing and lost to get kicked out. I normally like to get involved in the action every 4 years as it is normally the only time that I am able to dedicate to my favorite sport. But this year has been so busy that I couldn’t even do that.

So France won and I am sure that they are very pleased with that result and it shows with all the celebratory activities going on, such as this French flag patina given to a pair of wholecut oxfords by Paris natives, Altan Bottier. While I am not usually one to like patina’s that are dedicated to a country’s flag colors, I have to say that I quite like this one for it’s subtle blending nature. Of course I would never one it but can most certainly admire it. And I am curious to know how many French people have purchased a pair of these after the great win??

Either way, I found this to be a nice patriotic display and wanted to tip my hat to France on the win as every World Cup winner deserves praise for the hard work put in!


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