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I saw these burgundy monks, by Enzo Bonafe, the other day on Skoaktiebolaget’s social media feed (can’t remember which one) and was instantly impressed and proud. Proud because I feel like someone has been listening to my constant nagging of ‘more burgundy!!’ Maybe not though and they had it made on their own accord, but nevertheless, I was pleased to see such a beauty and bet that they are going to look great on the client that wears them. As I have said before, burgundy is such an under represented color yet looks infinitely better than most other colors, with nearly every shade of suit. And when people say, ‘well it is a bit bright,’ I must say that it is not as noticeable as a strong tan is, so that argument is pointless. Get some more burgundy into your life and don’t be afraid of it!

For those of you in Gothenburg, come at see me today and tomorrow at Spiga3!

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