Bryan Cuero of Brogue Geneva

Bryan Cuero of Brogue Geneva
Crockett & Jones shoes


The art of patina is always spreading and one that deserves recognition is Bryan Cuero, who holds his residence at Brogue shoe shop in Geneva. While I don’t know him personally (not yet, but plan to soon if I manage to convince Brogue to allow me to do a trunk show in Geneva), he seems to be a sharp young guy with a good head and a strong passion for patina work as he keeps up at it, persistently, and you can see his work progressing on and on, patina after patina. It’s good to see him getting more and more business and I am always impressed with the level of his work. See a few here just to wet your appetite.

The only way that I know of how to find him online is on his Instagram account of @shoespatina

On another note, I am off to Spain tomorrow to put in my A/W order (with the button boots!!) and as usual will be hard pressed to get a blog post in, but will try if I can!

Have a great week ahead

Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

Bryan Cuero of Brogue Geneva

Bryan Cuero of Brogue Geneva
Carlos Santos shoes
Bryan Cuero of Brogue Geneva
Corthay shoes
Bryan Cuero of Brogue Geneva
Shipton & Heneage

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