Gatsby Gone Wild
Ivan Crivellaro shoes, photo courtesy of The Shoemaker World

There is no shortage of bold shoes in the world. Most of the time you dont see them on peoples feet though. But when the sun is out, people start to get more bold. The Autumn is all about subdued colors and subtle pairings whereas the Summer is all about bold colors, strong contrasts and expression of ones self. These shoes by Ivan Crivellaro, worn at the last Pitti Uomo, are definitely all about expression. You know that when you wear a pair like this, you are going to be noticed. Whether or not that is a good or bad thing is not really for anyone to say. Some people prefer attention others dont. Either way its always fun to see, even if you would never do so yourself. At the end of it all however, I think we can all appreciate the work that went into this carefully constructed and immaculate patina!

On another note, I was recently featured on Claymoors List for another interview where I speak about the challenges of being the owner/designer of a shoe company. Its not something that I had really touched on before so it might be of some interest to those that care to the know the challenges that I and many others face to keep the quality high and the company going.


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”



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