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I have been a fan of Hiro Yanagimachi ever since they first came out on the scene of Instagram, way back when. And since then, it has been a pleasant stocking of their brand and progress. One thing I like about Instagram is how you can see a brands’ essence gets shaped and/or adapts to the times, with each passing week and blocks of 3 images. In this case, the essence of Hiro Yanagimachi is their shoes and it is curious to see how they have changed, for the better, since their first IG pics to what they create today.

The boots, in particular, for me have gotten infinitely better in terms of style/shape/execution and I dare say that they make among the best derby boots out there. I like a derby boot as something I would classify as a “stomper” but never-ever saw them as ‘dressy’ until Hiro showed me that they can be, even all brogued out, as you see here. The highlighted boot, above, is about as dressy as any oxford I have ever seen and that is some feat to accomplish for a brogued derby boot. Fine lines, sharp lasts and perfect pattern execution has become Hiro’s specialty in the boot department and it shows here with his latest creations.

Of course, they wont be for everyone but I love the idea of a dress boot and his dress boots, for me, are top of the line. One day I might have to commission one of his famous ghillie styles. Not everyone’s favorite but certainly something uniquely his. And, naturally, I always respect someone keeping the button boot alive, which he continues to do from time to time.

Huge respect to Hiro and I look forward to seeing how he tops what he is doing now, in the years to come!

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