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What I love about men’s fashion in Italy is their (the men) ability to wear bold colored articles of clothing and make them look good and quite masculine, even when it is a bright color. Red and purple pants are normal much like khaki pants in America. Its just natural for them to be more colorful and to tell you the truth, it looks better than the same boring, monotone outfits you see day in and day out in the States. The more abnormal colored pants that you own, the more infinite amount of possibilities you add to your wardrobe and the higher the chance of you putting together a cool and unique outfit that you won’t see anyone else wearing since most men here in America are too afraid to wear something that stands out. Now, preparing for this blog I was not able to find as many pictures that truly represented what I wanted to show here but what I put below will at least give you the idea of how it can be done.

The pictures above show you how you can wear these bold colored pants casually in replace of blue jeans or khaki pants. Whats even better is that all black or all white shoes will compliment pretty much any color so it’s easy to incorporate them into your wardrobes. What’s also nice about this, like what the guy in the top left picture did, is matching your pant to some color in your shoe. If your shoe has colored accents you could pair a pant that helps bring out those accents/details which in turn will help liven up your outfit. It’s tough to do and you might get the wrong kind of looks from jealous or envious people but when you start to get those compliments you will forget all about your insecurities, just like the first time I wore red pants (which were the first non-normal colored pants that I purchased) and some girl stopped me and said, “Wow, I really love the color of your pants. You don’t see many men wearing colorful pants.” Now I have purple, bright light blue (like the one’s below, right), white/black bold houndstooth and am looking to get a pair of green one’s like Kanye up above.

(Bottom 2: White and orange pants pictures from The Sartorialist)

As you see above, adding some flair with your pants color can drastically enhance your outfit, especially for a dress outfit but only when done right or you might just end up looking like box full of crayons. Here are my rules for what colored dress shoes would go with the different abnormal colored dress pants (obviously it’s tough to explain every single shade of pants and shoes so I will just use general colors):

Red Pants: Brown, Black, Navy and Gray Shoes
Orange Pants: Medium to Dark Brown, Navy and Dark Burgundy Shoes
Light Blue Pants: Medium to Dark Brown, Navy, Black, All Burgundy/Merlot and Gray Shoes
Green Pants: Brown, Black, Navy and Gray Shoes
Purple Pants: Black, Brown and Gray Shoes

Like I said above, I wish that I could give better examples because it’s really easy to just read what goes with what but harder to imagine it without seeing someone else wearing it. When I get all of my wardrobe in one place in the near future I will post examples from my outfits to help give more idea to this concept. But if you are brave enough, go out and buy one pair of different than normal colored pants and see what you can come up with!

9 thoughts on “Bold Colored Pants – Giving Your Shoes More Options”

  1. I completely agree with you.. Let's make this world more colorful.. 🙂 More joyful.. I think that it depends on the personality.. If the man is creative and brave, he just can't look boring.. He need to express his personality in all possible ways.. I guess American men need to became more creative.. :)Great post.. I love your style! Thnx!

  2. Great post, it's so true that people look at you funny when you do something against the grain. I always wanted to rock a colorful pant, but didn't have the balls to do it. You've inspired a new trend for me!

  3. ah, another reason why i love Italy !! woow i love those turquoise truosers! i know thet may be male ones but i want them!!and those shoes,[the ones on your profile list are goegeous love it the loafers are so amzazing and lively :)xo Tobes

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