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While England is a country that has been deeply rooted in sartorial conservatism and tends to have a very strong idea of the way that ‘one should dress,’ there is another side of that coin that prides itself in the act of being eccentric. And while being conservatively elegant is something nice, it will never turn my head the way in which a well-dressed eccentric will. That being, my good friend Geoff here (who is a cloth merchant that frequents The Row) was bet that he would not have the courage to wear these amazingly bright, yellow trousers. But being a good ‘ol East London lad who doesn’t care what people think, he gladly accepted the challenge and even threw in a nice bright tie to add to the mix. Overboard? Well, that depends on who is judging. All I know is that it made me look twice, in astonishment, and commanded pictures to be thrown on the blog for all of you to put your two cents in…..All I can say is that while I may have not worn them the say way, I can admire the fact that he did it, and did so with a decent pair of shoes on: His favorite Cleverleys…..(however they were desperate for a polish!!)

13 thoughts on “English Eccentricism – Yellow Trousers!”

  1. Yep, eccentric is good. But there’s eccentric, and there’s this.

    If you work in children’s television, Butlins, pantomime, or are Christopher Biggins, fine.

    Otherwise, eccentricity should still involve taste! The spotty shirt is nasty. The other elements (trousers maybe a bit harder) could all work individually. But as a package, no sir!

    Have to admire the effort to be unique though, if I’m fair.

    (By the way, Justin, you’ve been most remiss about replying to your comments this week – get to it!)

  2. Agree with Alex B above, other than the shirt each element works well seperately (and yes the yellow pants are really cool) but together its a miss.

  3. Cool shoes actually Justin, think sometimes beaten up quality shoes have a certain charm if worn in a casual way.

    Are they bespoke cleverley Justin?


  4. Actually I think the jacket is what’s making that outfit not work.
    Maybe a blue blazer, or even a red one would be better. Not for everyone I’m sure, but it could just work.

  5. Geoff from Dugdale Bros looks a winner! Loving the brightness on a rubbish summers day. Just clean your shoes!

  6. Yes, very excentric indeed as British can dare done! Yet while being known to be conservative as to menswear, the most stunning thing of all is that they could nonetheless remain really best dressed as they border the line!

  7. Anand – No, they are just RTW. Nice shoe yes, but Geoff definitely doesn’t treat them they way that they should be treated…

    Laurence – I believe that it was a very very dark navy…red would be on the very bold side, would be interesting to at least see.

    Vincent – I agree with this, better to have a tie that has a yellow accent rather than the whole thing bright yellow…

    Steven – You are right about the shoe cleaning!


  8. I Absolutely Like these trousers,the Color is Unique & Eccentric…..thank you for these refreshing photos,Justin…

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