Bestetti At His Best!



Bestetti At His Best!
Riccardo Bestetti recently started a new Instagram acccount (@bestettishoes) and it is a great accumulation of amazing works of art. I always love to see what he is going to post next. His shine jobs are unreal, making the shoes look more perfect than perfect, not to mention the beauty of them irregardless of a shine or not. For those on IG, I suggest you start following his account for a bit more shoe greatness in your life. And if you have yet to discover mine, I have two, @theshoesnob84 and @jfitzpatrickfootwear.

Am in a bit busy with the sale that we are having (HERE) so, got to run and continuing packing things up to be shipped out!

Bestetti At His Best! Bestetti At His Best! Bestetti At His Best! Bestetti At His Best!

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