Bespoke Made, Customer Designed

Rarely do I see shoes gracing the feet of others, that actually impress me. That is not to say that I don’t see shoes I like, but they are always the same: C&J’s or Cleverley’s in black or tan etc. On very infrequent occasions do I see something that completely stands out and makes me say “WOW” that must have been bespoke or very carefully chosen! That being, a young Japanese gentleman was at Gieves & Hawkes the other day and he happened to be wearing these bad bays. Now, allow me to say that my picture does not do these great justice, but in person they were nothing shine of extremely cool, not only for the fact that they are navy, but more so because they are of a design that I have never ever seen before. And the reason being, is because the customer actually designed it himself. I find it so amazing when a bespoke customer actually creates his own design as opposed to just taking existing things and meshing them together. You will usually get something that will be nothing shy of interesting, and these were more intriguing than anything else. He unfortunately would not give up the maker so I can’t fulfill the curiosity of knowing who the craftsman is, but nonetheless, he did a good job at creating what looks to be a unique pattern!!


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5 thoughts on “Bespoke Made, Customer Designed”

  1. like it .. they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so i reckon rip off the design & introduce into your own line of shoes.


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