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Bespoke shoemaker, TYE Shoemaker, out of Japan has been making some very very interesting shoes since coming to light a few years back, thanks to Instagram. The latest are these very intriguing and unique blue suede Crocodile Norwegian welt derbies with a commando gum sole and a bamboo pattern. Damn, that’s a lot going on. Not to mention the braided trimming, just a little touch of detail that TYE likes to commonly through in there. But seriously, this is truly next level craftsmanship and design. And it comes as no surprise to me, and is nothing new for them. Time after time since I have discovered them have they been impressing me with their work. And due to that, I am going to have to say that for me they are the most intriguing, inspiring, interesting and amazing shoe brand of today!

Well done TYE. Keep up the greatness for the bespoke shoe industry!!


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