Belgian Loafers Everywhere!

Belgian Loafers Everywhere!
The smart casual world has blown up as of recent and in my opinion greatly with the help of Instagram. And many of the brands associated with this world are Italian ones that are fusing classic dress shoes models with casual soles. And the popular model that many of them share as a product offering is none other then the wonderful Belgian loafer. As seen here, the brand Superglamorous offer their version in 3 different shades of what appears to be a nubuck. While some of you might not get this new vision of plim-sole style dress shoes, I find it quite intriguing and at least can appreciate a new option outside of just dress shoes (as one extreme) and trainers (as the other). It gives you the ability to still maintain an upper part of the shoe that is smart whilst being able to be casual in your sole and quite possibly more comfortable without having to resort to chunky New Balance shoes on the weekends.

For me, it simply interesting to see how the world of shoes is evolving and I am curious to see where it is in 10 years time. More likely than not, you will all still be wearing a black cap toe to work though. But hey, some things never die.

Belgian Loafers Everywhere! Belgian Loafers Everywhere! Belgian Loafers Everywhere!

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