The Brogue Loafer of all Brogued Loafers – Andante Shoemaker

The Brogue Loafer of all Brogued Loafers - Andante Shoemaker

I have never quite seen a loafer like this one before. It pushes ideas and crosses boundaries I feel most shoemakers are afraid to cross. And Andante Shoemaker, of Japan, did so in a very well-executed manner. So much so, in fact, that I love them and am already picturing all of the amazing combinations that could be done with these.

I think that in all-calf, this would be too much to swallow for most. Its a lot of punching. And all of that punching makes it more casual. So the oxymoron of all leather on a more casual pattern would probably deter most. In all suede, the saftest outcome is presented where the suede, in reality, hides a lot of the boldness that the brogueing on the vamp/quaters creates. Hence why they either decided to make it like this or why a customer chose it like this.

But my personal favorite outcome would naturally be a two-tone option whereby the cap and counter would be in some sort of leather (calf/exotic) and the vamp/quarters would be in suede. And that leaves the combinations endless for the mind to run wild with! Just imagine.

How would you like to see this loafer?

Great things coming out of the self-proclaimed “orthopedic maker” of Japan.

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The Brogue Loafer of all Brogued Loafers - Andante Shoemaker

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