An Interesting Derby by Roberto Ugolini

An Interesting Derby by Roberto Ugolini

A blog reader had a good day recently by receiving his brand new bespoke Roberto Ugolini shoes. As it is quite a unique design (and cool shoe) he thought that he would share it with me (which I am glad that he did!). As it was indeed unique, I thought that I would share it all with you, since I am sure that like me, many of you enjoy seeing a new execution of a classic model. The oxford can be done a million and one ways, but a derby on the other hand does not have as many options (at least I feel that way) due to the way in which it needs to be stitched at the bottom of the facing to make the open lacing. That fact alone prohibits from really going wild with the design. But this happens to be among the most interesting executions that I have yet too see, as it brings forth the heel counter line all the way to the forefoot of the shoe. That actually just gave me a great idea that I might have to try out, but of course in an oxford model as I myself am not so much of a derby guy! Either way, it is a very cool execution of a derby and I hope that you all enjoy it too!

Have a great weekend and remember that the collaborative sample sale between my brand, J.FitzPatrick, Gaziano & Girling and Timothy Everest, starts next Thursday at 8am….be there early to get the good stuff! (see image below for more details)


Justin, “The Shoe Snob”

An Interesting Derby by Roberto Ugolini An Interesting Derby by Roberto Ugolini

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