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Cordonnerie Deuzet
It’s always nice to discover new shoemakers and this morning while looking for inspiration on what to write about, I happened to discover Cordonnerie Deuzet of Lausanne, Switzerland. They seem to be a jack-of-all-trades type shoemaker in the sense that they are just shoemakers, but also take repairs, patina and even the tattooing of shoes and pretty sure that they don’t just take their own shoes but any brand for that matter. Makes sense too as if you are not located in one of the most populated cities with high tourism, it’s hard to stay alive as a shoemaker. They have to diversify themselves. And this is what Deuzet has done.

So I stumbled onto this derby with the leather imprinting on it and I found it to be quite cool, mainly because it adds something to a pattern that I feel is otherwise quite boring (all derbys really, not just this). With a touch of patina too, this derby became quite a stunner. If you are around Switzerland, I advise you to check these guys out as they look to have some promising stuff.

Pictures courtesy of their Tumblr page:

Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet Cordonnerie Deuzet1

10 thoughts on “An Interesting Derby by Cordonnerie Deuzet”

  1. bienluienapris

    Ah Guillaume, his really a great guy with a lot of talent. He is a compagnon du devoir. From the opinion of everybody he has the same talent as Anthony Delos at the same age.

  2. I know taste is a personal thing. And personally, two words spring to mind. Hideous is one. Eyesore is another. Cold shivers down my spine…..

  3. I don’t care for the derby shoes, but appreciate the effort that went in to making them. The double monk strap pair looks nice.

  4. Its weird your tone and how you seem to take offense to what i say. Clearly you dont know much about the bespoke shoemaking business. It is very hard to stay alive, even if you are located in London, the most populated city in all of Europe. So my statement stands that as someone who resides in a town NOT highly touristic (which it is not) that it only makes sense for a shoemaker to diversify his portfolio to stay alive. It was not a knock on Lausanne, but a fact about the shoemaking industry and how hard it is to survive in it. Bespoke shoemakers are not rich people selling a million shoes a year, for a reason: because it is hard to sell an expensive product afforded by few. The statement was actually meant to be a “well done” to the shoemaker for being more than “just a shoemaker”

    1. Dear Snob, Hope you are good.
      I am starting a formal shoe business and i want your help ,I am planning to start up my business from a very low scale ,I just need to know from where i can import my leather and what quality it should be.
      Thank you

  5. You are so ridiculous, and not only about Lausanne and so on …. Lei ha il complesso dell’emigrante che vuole essere più Ginevrino che il vero Ginevrino….
    E questo da più di 23 anni

    1. Cristiano Pamfili

      Perché ha cambiato lingua ? Poteva continuare in inglese, a meno che lei non abbia esaurito la sua scorte di parole in inglese. Comunque, a parte gli scherzi, la blague su Losanna e Ginevra me la ha raccontata un’amica ginevrina 20 anni fa, e mi aveva fatto ridere. Oggi un po’ meno, perché lei mi dimostra che è vero 🙂

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