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One of Altan Bottier’s specialties would apparently be the short chelsea boots. More specifically, chelsea boots in exotic leathers ranging from alligator, hippopotamus to elephant hide. And any color you want, it would also appear. While making things in alligator is no surprise nor anything special, to be honest, what I really liked is their hippopotamus range which I find unique and intriguing, especially as it appears that they get a natural “crust” version of it and are able to make it whatever color you wish. A lot of choices to be had with that in mind.

You are seeing a lot of Altan on the blog and truth be told, I think that right now they are the most exciting maker in the industry. Not only are they pushing boundaries of design but making high quality stuff, with amazing execution and design. Even though they are Blake-stitched, which we all know is not my favorite, I still really appreciate their shoes and ethos as a brand. And to top it off, they are also very nice people, which in this day and age truly means something.

I always look forward to going to their IG page to see whats next…and almost never am I disappointed with what I see.

A wonderful and safe and healthy weekend to all!

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